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Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Yes. I’m late to the party. But this movie screamed at me to make a review. Not so much on the cinematography, or the acting, or set design, or CGI–all of those things had their varying degrees of quality. What I want … Continue reading

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The Finish Line

I don’t often talk about my personal projects. Not unless I’m trying to promote them. But if they’re a work in progress I just focus on the work and get it done. Well my first novel is coming up to the … Continue reading

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Getting Reviews

A writing friend of mine–Matthew Quinn–has recently thrown himself into the Kindle Pool of self-publishing. His work is called, “Melon Heads,” and if you’re into slasher, b-movie style horror stories it may be up your alley. While it is exciting to … Continue reading

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