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On Vacation

Hey everyone. Currently on vacation with my family. I’m getting a lot of writing done and some good exercise. With luck, I’ll finish my first draft of my first book this weekend. Here’s to being diligent! 0   

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TED Talk: Rodney Mullen

One of my heroes growing up was the grand-daddy of skateboarding, Rodney Mullen. This is the guy that invented the ollie. The most basic move needed to launch every other move you can imagine. Just last night I stumbled upon … Continue reading

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There is one concept–across all art forms–that stays true. The power of Observation. When I was at the Art Institute, one of my very influential teachers was very adamant that we remain constantly observant. Of people, animals, and the general world … Continue reading

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Challenge For You All

No insights for today. I didn’t really have any yesterday either. That’s why I’m a day late with my post. I like to have something to talk about if I’m going to make a post. But unfortunately I’ve got nothing. This generally leads … Continue reading

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Yesterday I stepped through the doors of a Shaolin Kung Fu school. My wife has been on me to start being more physical. And she’s right, I need to be more active as I spend more time sitting behind a computer … Continue reading

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New Website

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally did it. I’ve switched my animation website over to a writing website. To some degree it’s sad to see the passing of that phase in my life. I had spent many years … Continue reading

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And we’re back. SIGGRAPH was an interesting experience. It has always been one of those conventions that I heard a lot about but never had the chance to go. When I was in college, it was the convention to go to. The potential for … Continue reading

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A small update. I’m currently at SIGGRAPH for work. For those that don’t know, SIGGRAPH is an art and technology convention for entertainment media. I have sat in on panels for the development of “The Avengers” and other movies. It … Continue reading

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If you’ve every wanted to be a part of an anthology, here’s your chance! There are two great opportunities coming up that I wanted to share with everyone. One is all about sword and sorcery, blood and steel style of writing. … Continue reading

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What Smashwords Does Right

So I finally got around to putting stories up on Smashwords. And as of this post, my experience has been stellar compared to Amazon. My story was uploaded in a matter of moments; compared to Amazon’s four to twelve hours. It … Continue reading

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