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On Need

As I put the final touches on ‘Red Rum’, I have begun to look back on the process of writing this particular short story. I had decided to dive deep into Dan Harmon’s Circle Method a.k.a. The Hero’s Journey (I … Continue reading

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The Poker Scene

This is the poker scene from my new short entitled, “Red Rum”. The big challenge here was to write something that was both mechanically accurate, but had good character interaction as well. I worked to strike a balance between both. … Continue reading

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On “Red Rum”

Finished my outline for my next short “Red Rum” yesterday, and today I’m about 1000 words into it so far. I’m having a load of fun with the main character, Red. He’s an alcoholic cowboy who’s only friend is a … Continue reading

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Dan Harmon’s ‘Circle Structure’

Dan Harmon, for those who do not know, is the creator and head writer for the great television show Community. Each week he and his writers produce some of the wittiest and engaging stories you can see. What really sets … Continue reading

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On Creativity

I came across this great video with John Cleese, of Monty Python fame, talking about creativity. It is only about ten minutes long so I encourage you to watch. httpv:// I especially enjoyed what he had to say about problem … Continue reading

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In Service to the Story

In a conversation with Craig about my post on Inspiration I got on the topic of how much you should be willing to change while writing your novel. I realized that I have been drawing on my experience as a … Continue reading

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On Dragon Age and Science

A couple of things to talk about today. The first is something I haven’t spoken much about. I am currently  in the outline stages of my first Dragon Age module. This module will focus on only two backgrounds, each being … Continue reading

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Inspired by Craig

Yesterday I was browsing Reddit when I came across a blog called “Get Me Writing“.  The site is run by Matt Roberts (aside from finding his twitter account I can’t find much information on him). On his site there is … Continue reading

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On eFiction Magazine

I’d like to take this moment to let you all know about eFiction Magazine. Doug Lance has done an incredible job putting together this online publication to give up and coming authors a voice in this crowded market. Today is … Continue reading

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On Inspiration

My brother turned me onto a book called “How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy” by Orson Scott Card.  Yes, the same Card that wrote “Ender’s Game”. It was released in 1990 but I have to say it stands up … Continue reading

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