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Dealing with Complex things

Just finished my second short story.  This one is based on an distant future and alternate time line in which New Orleans was flooded entirely.  The city was rebuilt in the image of Venice (waterways and footpaths), and has become … Continue reading

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Short Stories as Sketches

So I’m working on my next short story using the bit I wrote from my Voice Exercises. Things were going pretty well until I realized that what I was writing wasn’t really a short story at all.  It was turning … Continue reading

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Voice Exercise

Started working on my exercise for voice usage.  I started with First Person and will re-write this piece in Third Person Limited next.  Once that’s complete I’ll try Third Person Omniscient. First Person The red glow of the neon sign … Continue reading

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On Planning

As I develop my current story-line I’ve come across an interesting quandary. How much planning is too much planning.  I know many writers who just dive right into the meat of it.  They figure they’ll sort it all out later.  I … Continue reading

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On which voice to use

As I begin to develop my style of writing and work each day I am often faced with the question “Do I use first or third person?” I look to authors that have inspired me for direction and of course … Continue reading

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Some good ideas just aren’t meant to be…

Seems that the idea I had for my Star Wars short story has more or less already been done. While doing research on if there was any information on the squad that killed Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru I came … Continue reading

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