Running Away

Tomorrow, I’m running away.¬†Just for the week. You see, I’m turning 30. One of the big ones. And I wanted to do something just for me. So it was suggested that I take some time off and head out to a cabin for the week and just relax.

I thought it was a great idea.

I haven’t done any writing at all since I finished my first draft. Even though it was my plan to pump out my Sword and Sorcery short story over my novel break. For some reason I just couldn’t push past the book. I had to fight the urge to keep working on it.

Some of you may wonder why I wouldn’t follow those feelings and keep working on it. That’s because I feel equally convicted with the fact that I need separation from the work. Having that time away will give me fresh eyes on the art and a clear mind.

But my little holiday is going to be exactly what I need. I’ll pump out this short story–mostly because I agreed to submit something to my writing group next weekend–and I’ll also begin reading my novel in earnest. With luck, I’ll finish both of these things by Friday. Or at the least, finish the short story.

So, here is to a week of reading, writing, and running away from the world.

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