How Prolific Are You?

I follow a blog of local author James R. Tuck, and yesterday he posted an update on what he’s up to these days. His list of upcoming projects is impressive. Several novels are in progress, a couple of anthologies, and more. This is on top of running his own tattoo parlor.

Talk about having irons in the fire.

It’s an aspect of my own writing that I would love to have. The more material you can generate, the more you’re able to put yourself out there. Currently I’ve only two projects going. My first novel and a submission for Tuck’s “Thunder on the Battlefield” anthology.

The first is on simmer. I’m separating myself from the book so that when I get back into it I can see it as fresh as I can. In the meantime I’ll be letting my writing group read the full manuscript at their leisure. Over the year they had been reading it in smatters of two to three chapter chunks. So giving them the full manuscript should give them a better idea of the story.

While that story is set to low, I’ll be working on my Sword and Sorcery style short story for “Thunder on the Battlefield.” It’s requested that it be in the style of Conan. So, low magic with lots of grizzly combat. The idea of  a low magic world got me intrigued. That’s when I thought, wouldn’t it be great if the main character is a carnival performer who specializes in illusions. Secretly, he longs to be an adventurer. One day he gets his chance. He signs up with a group of mercenaries and tells them he’s a powerful sorcerer. They accept his offer. Their first mission, ransacking a group of what everyone believes is a cabal of wizards. And his expertise will be just what they need.

Oh no.

Putting this liar into a situation well over his head is something I really enjoy.

That’s it. Two projects. Sure, I have some other ideas sitting around in notebooks, but nothing I’m actively working on. Am I falling behind? Or on the right track for a first time author? What with my own day job, wife, and now kung fu training. Are these excuses? Maybe, maybe not.

One thing is for certain. I have a solid direction on the things I’m working on and feel comfortable with the speed I’m at. I’d love to be more prolific like Tuck. But for now, I’ll focus on my projects and see them through.

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  1. I like your idea for a short story. Will you be bringing it before the group?

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