What's Happening

It's been too long - 02/18/2016

I can't believe it's been almost three years since I've made an update to my website. A lot has happened over those years and I'll get into a lot of it over on my blog. The short of it is I had to part ways with my agent. Luckily it was not because of drama. In fact, we're still friends. It just came to the point that I had to move on, and that happens.

That said, I'm excited about some story ideas I've been cooking for a few years. They're ready to see some serious work. I mean, you can only plan these things so much. So keep an eye out for announcements about that on my blog.

This Saturday I'll be attending the Atlanta Writing Workshop where I hope to meet some other awesome writers, maybe learn a new thing or two, and even pitch my book to a couple of agents. Wish me luck!

Agents and Drafts - 11/07/2013

Great news everyone, although a bit late on my end. Back in July I had mentioned that I may have great news around the corner. Well, it is with great pleasure I can now say that I have an agent willing to represent my novel. Her name is Meredith Brown and she is with the Sullivan Maxx Literary Agency.

With that I finished the third draft of my novel and handed it off to her for a final look over. It's exciting to see my nearly three years of hard work paying off.

In addition to my novel I have recently sold a short story called "White Flame" to an anthology published by Sword and Laser. This particular short story is a really fun adventure story with lots of action, blood, and stygian type magic. Should I ever get some free for another novel, I may lean on a lot of what I started in that short story. I think there is a lot of potential for a full length novel with the characters.

Speaking of next books, I had started this years 2013 NaNoWriMo contenst only to have to bow out within week one. Mostly because I had other projects that needed my attention. But the secondary reason is that I just couldn't work the way the contest requires you to. It's all GO GO GO, but sometimes I need the time to sit and think through what's happening so I can move on. It was fun to try and I did get started on my next novel, so it wasn't a total waste.

Let's be honest, any amount of time writing is never a waste.

Well then - 07/31/2013

It's been close to a year since I last updated this portion of my website. My blog, on the otherhand, has been seeing a fair amound of updates from me. So if you find yourself here, take a moment and head on over to my blog to get semi-regular updates.

As things stand right now, the second draft of my YA novel is complete and I'm currently working up the courage to start in on the major revisions for the third draft. There are some big changes on the way for the book, and just thinking about it all gives me the hives. But those changes will make the book better, so they have to be done.

There is also the chance of some very great news on the horizon. If things work out, I'll be sure to tell you all more about it here and on my blog.

Website Update - 11/26/2012

I really wansn't too happy with my design from last time. So with that I've been messing around and looking at other authors layouts and cobbled together this little beauty. I think it's much more solid.

I used Steven Erikson's design for inspiriation because it had the clean, block look I was wanting to achieve. The clean blocks of solid color is the new trend in design these days. If you don't believe me, just check out anything to do with Windows in the past few months.

Another new thing I'm going to do is switch over my wordpress.com site over to my wordpress.org site. Now my blog will be fully intergrated with my website. My attempt is to have everything be a cohesive look. Basically start working on my "branding." It may be a bit premature, but I figure it is better to start now than later.

Keep on eye on my blog. In a few days I'll talk about the next step in the writing of my first book.